Sunday, May 20, 2012


Well its been a long week.  Sorry I wasn't as dedicated to keeping up with my blog as I had hoped and intended to do.  My full time job has been stressful and consuming most of my time.

That being said I still love these products but I have not been 100% committed during the week.  I plan to recommit myself tomorrow and to begin anew.  I feel really good and hope to be able to continue taking these products.  I love the taste, I love that they are all natural and have zero side effects that I have experienced.  I lost 2.5 lbs without being 100% compliant.  More than weight loss though I feel like I'm cleansing myself of impurities.  

So tomorrow I "reignite".  I leave for Aruba in 9 days!!  So I will be finishing my 8 day challenge the day before I leave.  I think its a good motivator and even if I don't lose all the weight I feel like I'm getting myself off on the right foot before departing on vacation.  

Thanks for sticking with me!


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